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Raider 12 | 2.0 Raider 12 | 2.0
Ski-brake included Raider 12 2.0 is the exact choice for the latest generation of freetourers looking for performance and comfort at the same time. Extreme stiffness of the boot/ski connection, no torsional movements, precise release for...
ab 555,00 € *
SLR Release (inkl. Fangriemen) SLR Release (inkl. Fangriemen)
Lightness and increasing safety are mixed in a unprecedented synergy, offering maximum performance in a minimalist style. An innovative heel part provides a 5 to 10 side release adjustment and a fixed vertical release (4, 6, 8, 10). SLR...
459,00 € *
Kevlar Core Leash / SRA Crampons Slot / R01 Plate included (+40 GR) Have you ever thought about a lightweight, strong and safe DEFINED RELEASE binding, able to eliminate any distance between you and the toughest downhills of the Alps?...
379,00 € *
Ski-Brake included CREST Lightweight, thanks to lower release values (3-8) and softer springs that allow a simplified use, is the perfect choice for the lighter ski mountaineers and younger users, curious to look at this sport for the...
ab 399,00 € *