For winter 2019/2020 we have once again designed five series, which offer perfect products for every range. 

As usual our product line ranges from touring skis, bindings and skins to touring boots, poles and accessoires.

The "Cut Cap" remains as a common feature and universally recognizable feature of HAGAN skis. The contrasting shovel adorned with our logo: a stylized "h" representing two ascending touring skis.


BOOST Series - for Freetourers


Do your usual skiing pursuits include first-lines, powder and high-angle surfing? Then you are in the right place with the BOOST series. Why is a BOOST series ski the right choice for your high-speed long turns? They are light enough for long trips, with a waist width of up to 99 mm, but are by no means oversized. The tip rocker of up to 410 mm means these off-piste rockets float nicely near the surface.

BOOST 99 - BOOST 94 - BOOST JR & PURE 8 bindings a perfect combination for Kids


CORE Series - For discerning Ski Mountaineers


Whether it's a regular ski tour, a multi-day hut-to-hut tour or ambitious summit conquering - with each tour you seek a different goal. For varying turns in varying snow conditions, the CORE models are all-rounders aimed at athletic (and frequent) tourers and downhillers who head to the mountains in any conditions.

CORE 89 - CORE 84 - CORE LITE 84 - Touring Boots CORE Pro for Women & Men


PURE Series - when tour meets piste


Off-piste, on-piste or both - you go skiing sometimes here, sometimes there. You just want to get out, be on the slopes in nature, enjoy the snowy winter landscape, but above all, spend a nice time in the mountains. For this series we have combined the requirements of a classic touring ski with the essentials from our high-end range. The result is the PURE models with a clear view of the details such as wood cores and carbon inserts. Perfect for your enjoyable ascent - and above all for your enjoyable descent.

PURE 87 - PURE 83 - PURE 75 - PURE 10 bindings - Touring Boots PURE W for Women, PURE for Men


ULTRA Series - For amibitious Ski Tourers, High Alpinism & Racers


The ULTRA series combines all our know-how. Through intensive field testing, we have perfected the ultimate combination of materials, shapes and construction to meet our extremely high technical and performance standards. For athletes, mountaineers and racers, all of whom have one demand in common: confidence - in equipment that offers uncompromising performance, at the absolute minimum weight, for their next tour.

Everything about ULTRA 82, ULTRA 76 and ULTRA 65 HERE.



Developed and designed for special requirements and extraordinary undertakings, the two models in this series accompany every "dream in white.” The 130 cm long OFFLIMITS was developed together with the blind climber Andy Holzer. The ski is extremely agile and fun. It is not just a workman’s tool in the ascent to your ice climbing spot or while snow kiting. In the case of the OFFTRACE, the name says it all: it is perfect for extended ski hikes through wide plains and hilly forests.

CLICK HERE to find out more about TOUR SPECIAL.


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