Our company

HAGAN – est. 1924 in Austria

Thanks to the Hager brothers, the brand HAGAN can look back on many years of tradition. If it was their idea that inspired the founding of HAGAN in 1924 – then today it is still the family name of Hager and their headquarters in Antiesenhofen that makes our uniquely Austrian products stand out from the crowd.
Due to the poor economic climate after World War One, the two Hager brothers switched their focus from the wainwright industry to the production of sledges and skis. 500 pairs had already been sold by 1926 – traditional solid wood skis, cut from ash slats, boiled in water, and shaped using a heated iron model.
Ski production has pretty much changed in every respect since then: From the switch to layered skis to specially developed plastics, metals, lacquers, coatings, and of course specialised machinery for production.


Since founding the company in 1995, for the love of our sport and the fascinating world of mountains, we have concentrated on the thing that we know and do best: tour ski equipment with no compromises for all those who share our passion for wintry peaks.

Our passion for the mountains is just as great as the demands we have for our equipment we and others use to enjoy great times in the high-alpine environment or on the off-piste slopes.

We are a brand of tour hikers – for tour hikers.

With this in mind, have plenty of fun with HAGAN!