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HAGAN Y[wai]-Flow 13-14 Ywai Flow 13-14
The initial, hugely popular Y[wai]-series model introduced last year! Improved by the Carbon Tip Stabilizer and completely restyled, the Y[wai]-flow ist the perfect allrounder for tour pros.
€149.99 * €599.99 *
HAGAN Ywai-King 15-16 Ywai-King 15-16
The uncompromising Tour Freerider für big mountain skiers for whom downhill performance is paramount. Due to its lightweight construction, the Y[wai]-king is an enjoyable climber even with its width.
€199.99 * €659.99 *
The Jack 14-15 The Jack 14-15
The Jack is the former rebel of the HAGAN range. When it is time to get down to business and weight is not the first priority, then you can really break out with the Jack. The robust poplar core and rigid ABS sidewalks provide control...
€166.00 * €479.99 *
HAGAN X-Trace 9-10 X-Trace 9-10
€79.99 * €199.99 *
Chimera Two L 16-17 Chimera Two L 16-17
The first choice for demanding female ski tours. Technically derived from the Two model for men, but tuned softer for lighter women, the Chimera Two L offers everything the comfort and quality conscious female skier demands.
€369.00 * €529.99 *
HAGAN Y[wai]-King Ywai-King 16-17
The Y-King is the uncompromising tour Freeride ski for thrill seeking backcountry skiers who open it up on the descent. Lightweight construction creates an exceptionally low surface area to weight ratio for agile ascents. The interplay...
€399.00 * €659.99 *
Ywai-Boost 16-17 Ywai-Boost 16-17
The climbs are invigorating, the thrills come on the descents. The Y[wai]-shape encourages aggressive high-speed descents that reward climbing efforts. Whether powder, corn, or breakable crust, the Y-boost blasts through everything that...
€399.00 * €639.99 *
HAGAN Ywai-Ride Ywai-Ride 16-17
The all new Y-ride replaces the initial and ground-breaking Y-Series model, the Y-flow. The Y-shape is retained with dimensions revised to optimize performance. The shovel is slightly narrowed to 128mm and the tail increased to 108mm....
€389.00 * €599.95 *
Ywai-Drive 16-17 Ywai-Drive 16-17
The Y-drive is ideal for lightweight disciples. The Y Concept geometry encourages thrilling descents with exceptional control and agility. The Diamond Edge Cap creates perfectly manageable stability in all types of snow.
€369.00 * €589.99 *
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