Warranty conditions


The 3 to 5 year warranty is a voluntary manufacturer's warranty. Additional claims arising from national warranty rights remain unaffected.

The guarantee applies:

  • to HAGAN skis from the 19/20 collection, except ULTRA 65
  • from date of purchase.
  • only if the proof of purchase exists.
  • for private individuals (not to rental/demo shop use.)
  • for first-time buyers (no transfer of warranty on resale.)
  • for purchases made from a Hagan retailer.


An extension of the warranty to 5 years is valid only with registration & invoice receipt. (Registration online: www.hagan-ski.com/warranty)

The warranty applies only to production-related material defects from the date of purchase.

Examples - warranty cases:

  • Graphics or top sheet chipped (without external influence.)
  • Edge separates from the side cap or the side wall (without external influences such as rock strikes, etc.)
  • Ski base is curling.


Excluded are normal wear and tear that occur during regular use or damages from improper use.


The warranty does not apply to:

  • Cosmetic cases or other damage where there are no functional limitations, e.g. scratches and chipped parts on the decorative layer, fading graphics, rusty edges, etc.
  • Any modifications made by users or by third parties that are not expressly permitted by the manufacturer.
  • improper use of the material, such as:
    • Use on unintended surfaces, e.g. stones, rocks, trees, stumps, roads, parking lots, .... everything but snow ;-)
    • Damage and breakage by ski area lift devices.
    • Extreme, uncontrolled impacts (e.g., failure to clear moguls, gap jumps, etc.).
    • Damage caused by solvents, glues or similar adhesives that are not suitable for use on skis (for example, incorrect assembly adhesive such as LOC-TITE®)
    • Failure to use mounting adhesive (glue) during binding assembly
    • Repeated binding assembly (warranty expires with multiple remounting holes)
    • Dents and damage due to incorrect mounting of the binding (wrong screws, etc.)
    • Damage caused by third parties (for example, a vehicle drives over the ski at the parking lot)
    • Damage caused by extreme loads (for example, cliffdrops, rails in terrain parks, etc.)