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HAGAN Ywai-King 16-17

The Y-King is the uncompromising tour Freeride ski for thrill seeking backcountry skiers who open it up on the descent. Lightweight construction creates an exceptionally low surface area to weight ratio for agile ascents. The interplay of wide dimensions, rocker, ABS sidewalls and multi-radius sidecut makes for stirring descents filled with steep, fast, long-radius turns.


  • Sidecut: 140-107-122
  • Weight: 1580 Gramm
  • Length: 172, 181*, 190
  • Rocker: v=390 h=150
  • Core: Paulownia
  • Multiradius: 20-21-23
  • Construction:
    • Diamond-Sidewall
    • Elliptical Frontski
    • Carbon Tip Stabilizer
  • Materials:
    • Carbon Top Layer
    • Paulownia Light Wood Core
    • Carbon Bottom Layer
  • Base: Die-Cut-Graphite
  • Target Group: Tour Freeride
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