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Unsere Passion für die Berge ist genauso hoch wie unser Anspruch an Equipment, mit dem man eine tolle Zeit in hochalpiner Umgebung oder abseits der Piste haben kann.

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The Boost 107 loves powder. The Boost 107 is the widest of the Boost group, and is built with tour rocker and traditional sidecut and camber to help maintain power through the turn while deflecting crud and variable snow conditions. The...
€249.00 * €659.99 *
The hardest-charging ski in our line-up, the Boost 93 is a muscle car on snow. A rockered tip lets this ski charge and steer with ease in the powder, while a non-rockered tail stays connected with the snow to keep you directed powerfully...
€249.00 * €599.99 *
The Core 88 is the new star in the backcountry range. Its light weight provides excellent climbing features on long ascents while optimal float brings maximum fun on the downhill – a dream combination designed to take on any mountain....
€249.00 * €599.99 *
Are you looking for a special ski for special pursuits? The Off Limits is adept as an approach ski, ski board, variable conditions ski or for snow kiting. The 130 cm long, 180 mm rockered, extra-wide Off Limits is an allrounder you can...
€279.99 *
If you love long low-angle ski tours in the wide plains and rolling forests, then you will love the Off Trace. Based off the X-Trace, the new Off Trace dispenses with fish scales and uses a (replaceable) “micro-hair” kick zone for...
€259.99 *
boost 97 adhesion based climbing skin boost 97 adhesion based climbing skin
Made in Austria.
€109.00 * €199.99 *
HAGAN Vacuum Base Spray Vacuum Base Spray
Suitable for adhesion based climbing skins Content: 250ml
Content 0.25 Liter (€64.00 * / 1 Liter)
€16.00 *
CORE Poles CORE Poles
Suitable for the CORE Series - the poles offer perfect support for your ski mountaineering trips.
€99.99 *
RIDE poles (Made in Austria) RIDE poles (Made in Austria)
With the extra long handles and the cushioned grip zones you have everything under control.
€49.99 * €69.99 *
CORE TF-W boot liner CORE TF-W boot liner
Typ: Custom Thermo Wmn Boot liner for the touring boot model CORE TF-W Made in France.
€99.00 * €139.99 *
T-shirt men T-shirt men
Color: Blue
€19.99 *
T-shirt women T-shirt women
Color: Blue
€19.99 *
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