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made in Austria
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At 980 grams and 163 cm long, this is a ski for fast touring. The Paulownia wood and fiberglass core construction materials make it one of our lightest in the Tour Professional range. It is hard to believe at this low weight, but it has a sidewall in the binding area. This ensures the best possible power transmission and stability – right where you need them.



2 reasons for the ULTRA 76 by HAGAN:

The ULTRA 76 is made for you if ...

... as a sporty touring skier, you are looking for a ski that lets you take light-footed flits up and down the slopes on your fast training tours.

Technical refinement

  • Wooden core made of durable and extremely light Paulownia wood
  • Fiberglass binding reinforcement – sturdy without adding unnecessary weight
  • Semi-sidewall in the binding area for weight reduction with constant stability and power transmission
  • Race rocker with 250 mm at the tip and 0 mm at the tail
  • Simple & easy skin attachment with Quick Race (the notch on the tip notch is flatter for quick release of the rubber)

Things you should know

WHO is it suitable for?

For fast and sporty ski tourers

WHAT is it suitable for?

Ascent-oriented and tailored to slope tours

WHY is the ULTRA 76 right for you?

If you want to improve your uphill times or just train for fast walking, then the ULTRA 76 is a real insider tip. If you're already "blue", the sturdy construction for a brisk downhill ride compensates even on harder ground and the 250 mm front rocker also supports you in terrain.

Our recommended length: Ski length = Body height -5 cm

All data refer to sample-size (163 cm).

Developed in Austria, made in Europe.


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